Building Donem Cargo – A Shipment Management Platform

We worked closely with Donem International LLC to conceptualize, design, and develop a comprehensive mobile application called Donem Cargo, tailored to meet the needs of both their existing and prospective customer base. The primary goal was to offer a user-friendly platform enabling seamless shipment creation and management. This involved an intensive three-month-long process of working with the parent company. We dedicated our efforts to designing, developing, rigorously testing, debugging, and ultimately deploying the Android and iOS applications, along with an efficient admin management portal.

Donem International LLC is one the leading freight forwarders in the United States, they offer first-class shipping services at very competitive rates to ensure the fastest connection of your shipments by Air/Sea from the United States to Africa and beyond. Donem International LLC’s main goal is to provide its customers with excellent services while making sure that your time and money are well preserved. By their exclusive agreements and commitments with leading carriers in both Air and Sea. When it comes to efficiency, speed, and cost-effectiveness, They have been receiving satisfactory ratings from their numerous satisfied customers and will always strive to remain on top so that every customer will experience the best quality services that he/she is looking for.

Building The Application

The company’s goal was to create a simple and user-friendly application for their customers. Donem Cargo would allow customers to create an account seamlessly, create shipments, manage shipments, track shipments, and receive notifications on shipment updates. We worked on the user interface (UI/UX), which was reviewed and approved. After approval, we began designing and developing the mobile applications and admin management portal. We conducted extensive testing, made necessary modifications, and debugged to ensure a simple user experience.

After a comprehensive testing process, the application has successfully met all the criteria and requirements for deployment on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Following the approval, the app has been officially released and is now available for use by both existing and new customers.

Donem Cargo

We carefully planned and developed a robust platform tailored for Donem International LLC, emphasizing stringent security measures in compliance with industry best practices. Our focus was on ensuring that the admin management portal was equipped with comprehensive functionalities essential for efficient management of customer shipments, customer data, and various other aspects of the company’s operations.

After Deployment, What Next?

We will ensure continuous collaboration with the parent company to effectively manage, provide regular updates, and implement advanced features to enhance the mobile application’s functionality and user experience. This will involve closely coordinating with the parent company’s team to make strategic decisions and execute seamless integration of new features, all while keeping user needs at the forefront of the development process.

We are thrilled about the incredible opportunity to work closely with the parent company in developing their digital product. It is an inspiring milestone for us as it marks our first collaboration with a company based in the USA. We sincerely appreciate the trust and confidence the parent company has bestowed upon us, and we are wholeheartedly committed to delivering an outstanding outcome for them.


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