Simplifying Healthcare

With the emerging growth of new technologies, health care is changing at an unprecedented speed. There’s a rapid rise in connected medical devices, virtual communications, and data management and analytics tools demands. We are working with major stakeholders in this industry to create robust solutions that will simplify the process, from the local medical clinic to large pharmaceutical companies.

The road to a digitized healthcare system is paved by adapting to latest trends of patient engagement and effective use of emerging technology.

Our goal is to enable a healthy ecosystem that will empower hospital management, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturers of medical equipment to make significant changes in the healthcare industry using technology-driven tools. We use our years of experience to focus on and build innovative solutions for pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, and agribusiness. We have a team of experienced developers who focus on the major concepts of healthcare services, keeping patience and service providers in mind, and work on it accordingly to find a better result.

Healthcare Development Services

Developing healthcare solutions will serve you with automated medical practices for improved performance, superior health outcomes, and reduced operational costs. These services include-

  • Patient Appointment Planner
  • Patient Care Management
  • Remote Health Monitoring
  • Electronic Medical & Health Records (EMR, EHR)

Related Projects

Healthserves was developed to provide healthcare professionals with a digital tool to document their patient care services as required by law and at the same time offer them in-depth knowledge of their patients on patient’s authorization with their fingerprint, to access their unified electronic health folder, where all patient care documentation by various healthcare professionals who have attended to that same patient in the past can be retrieved for better knowledge of patient’s overall health status.

Parent Company: Medi-direct Information services

Visit Platform: HealthServes


We help companies build an intelligent digital healthcare platform. Tell us about your idea, and we will offer the best healthcare solution.




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