Simplifying Non-Government Organizations

Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) are the most integral part of our progressive society. They keep working to make society a better place to live in than it was before. NGOs carry out social action, ensure human rights and peace and protect the environment, spread awareness of activities in favor of the environment, and sustainable development.

NGOs need information technology to spread awareness of pressing issues in society, they receive donations online across the world, on-board new volunteers through online applications, monitor and analyze the impact they are making in the society, provide contact information for interested volunteers and sponsors, and create/spread awareness of the organization.

We’re working with various global and local-based NGOs to create an online presence, developing digital platforms to solve pain points and transfer value and knowledge. Codefixbug technological solutions for NGOs’ needs make operations and activities better and increase their performance. The software solutions include;

  • Project management tools
  • Easy and secure donation system
  • Budgeting and accounting tools
  • Data analysis and entry tools
  • Educative Applications
  • Website Design

Our Alliances

Save the Children

Society of Women in Taxation

Caring and sharing Rochdale

Elite International Empowerment Initiative 

Grace and Enoch Nwosu Foundation





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