Building a University Portal for Jewel University

We collaborated closely with Techpira Innovations Limited, a valued partner, we worked diligently to develop a comprehensive university management portal tailored specifically for Jewel University. This project was undertaken to support the operational needs of Jewel University, a newly established institution licensed and regulated by The National Universities Commission (NUC).

Jewel University is a world-class university in Gombe State that gives quality education in different fields of study to young and the aged at reasonable rates. They offer quality education in a conducive learning and teaching environment, all the character, knowledge and skills required by those who pass through the system to lead responsible lives and contribute meaningfully to their societies.

Building The University Portal

The project was divided into phases. We completed the design and development of phase one to meet the university’s requirements. Our partner, Techpira Innovations Limited, worked closely with the university to gather all system requirements and specifications. In contrast, we worked closely with them to develop the system, including testing, debugging, and finally deploying it to the live server for the admin, applicants, prospective students, and returning students.

In the initial phase of the system, it was structured into six distinct modules, each serving a specific purpose: the student application and registration module, the student admission management module, the faculty, departments, and course registration module, the university fees management module, the programme and course management module, and the communication module.

After meticulously strategizing and initiating the execution phase, we delved into the systematic planning, intricate design, and meticulous development process. As a result, we successfully constructed a comprehensive Student Portal, Admission Portal, and Admin Portal. These meticulously constructed portals now equip the school with a centralized system, enabling effortless management of applicants, students, and administrative functions.

Admission Portal

The admission portal offers a comprehensive process for prospective students to pursue their education at the university. First, applicants can create an account, verify their email, and then log in and pay their application fees. Once the fees have been paid, applicants can commence the application process. This process is meticulously organized into different sections to ensure that applicants provide accurate and complete information.

These sections include:
1. Biography: Personal background information
2. Contact: Address and communication details
3. Parent/Guardian/Sponsor: Details of the applicant’s guardian or sponsor
4. Education: Academic history and qualifications
5. Exam: Any relevant examination details
6. Programme: Preferences for the desired program of study
7. Referee: Information of individuals who can provide references
8. Uploads: Documents and additional materials
9. Confirmation: Applicants must accept the Declaration and Affirmation of the Parent/Guardian/Sponsor.

After completing the application, applicants can monitor their application status to stay updated on whether they have been offered admission. This detailed process aims to ensure that all applicants provide the necessary information and clearly understand their application progress.

Student Portal

The student portal is a comprehensive platform and developed to effectively manage prospective and returning students. Prospective students are required to access the portal by logging in with the email they used during the application process on the admission portal. Upon successful login, the system generates a password for them, which is then sent to the email address associated with their admission notification.

After logging in, prospective students need to proceed with the following steps: paying their acceptance fee, awaiting clearance, and eventually obtaining final approval from the school. Only after these steps have been completed, can they move forward with paying their school fees and any other associated fees for prospective students.

Once the students have completed the payment of their school fees, the system allocates them a matriculation number automatically. This matriculation number follows a specific format approved by the school. The matriculation number serves as the students’ login credentials for accessing the student portal as returning students. Within the student portal, they have access to various features including managing their biographical data, registering for courses, and managing their payments for tuition and other fees. This system ensures that returning students have a convenient and organized way to handle their academic and financial affairs within the institution.

Admin Portal

The admin portal is a pivotal component of the university system, responsible for overseeing and managing a majority of its operations. It plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of various functions across all portals. Some of its key features include admission management, academic management, student management, payment transactions, payment configurations, and communication management. This comprehensive suite of functionalities allows for the efficient and effective administration of the university’s diverse operational aspects.

The administrator manager holds a range of responsibilities within the educational institution. They are authorized to review and approve applicants’ submissions, make admissions offers or reject applications. Furthermore, the administrator manager is also responsible for approving student clearances and overseeing all applicant payments and acceptance fees. In addition to these tasks, the administrator manager plays a key role in configuring the institution’s faculties, establishing departments, assigning departments to faculties, defining study modes, specifying programs, and levels, and designing courses within each department. and so much more.


Building the university portal required a lot of hard work and attention to detail. We highly value our collaboration with our partner, who entrusted us with this project. It has been three months of tireless work, and we have successfully built a robust system that is now making school operations and applicants’ applications more seamless.

We utilized our experience in developing software projects for secondary schools and school software providers in the secondary school sector to start and finish phase one of the project. One of the projects we worked on was the school management portal for The Lush Academy, a school located in Edo State, Nigeria. We have been collaborating with the school since before our company was established, and have continued to update, upgrade, maintain, and provide yearly support to their systems since 2017.

We are also thrilled by the growing number of applicants applying to the university, as we are seeing the value added to the system early on which we have successfully built, this gives us so much joy as applicants have a smooth experience. As a company, we are all about simplifying the process and we are glad we have successfully simplified the process of Jewel University. we will continue to work closely with our partners across the world to keep simplifying their processes, launching new products and services for them, and also helping them grow and scale which is a lot of hard work.

Let our ambitions carry us on this marathon journey.

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