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We are excited about the progress of the applications we build for our clients, which centers around our mission and vision which is ” to provide services to global organizations using technology to solve challenges, which we believe should impact positively and create value for our clients.

Working closely with Nurenta Global Concept Ltd and Softgid Consult and Global Investment Ltd in developing their platforms called Airtimedatahub and Recharge2cash respectively, is almost synonymous to saying we are working closely with MTN and GLO, this is due to the fact that these platforms owners are highly competitive and they also provide services to users powered by the telecommunications companies in the country which includes MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, and 9Mobile.

Yes, they are both competitors, with each having its own distinctive customer-centric products and services which are rendered to their growing users around the country. As the company behind the scene ensuring their technological products functions properly, we take note of the fact that these two companies regardless of their competitive nature must get the best service delivery.


When AirtimeDataHub reached its 5000 download milestone, we joined them in celebrating their milestone achievement which was amazing for them. The company which is focused on adding more value to its growing users decided to add new features to its platform and also improve its general user interface and user experience, We sprung into action while working closely with the company to deliver the new version which had new services, improved security, and overall improved user experience.

This was so impressive and the company was excited about its new app on google play store, the app was listed in the top 10  by google in the business category. This decision, increased the platform userbase by 80% within its first month with over 10,000 downloads currently, with existing users loving and giving a rating of 5 stars to the new app. the company is excited about the ratings and customer reviews.


When Recharge2cash reached its 1000 download threshold, we also joined them in celebrating their milestone achievement which was amazing for them also. The company is also focused on adding more value to its growing users, the app was also listed in the top 10 by google in the finance category.

The users of the platform are growing as well, with over 10,000 downloads currently as well, with good ratings and customer feedback, which the company is also excited about.

We are excited about all this progress, especially the growth of our clients, a lot of hard work have been put into ensuring tens of thousands of users have a unique daily experience across both platforms, Nurenta Global Concept Ltd and Softgid Consult and Global Investment Ltd are two amazing companies with lots of experience and goals centered around their growing customers, this puts us also on the edge as we continue working closely with them to develop and release more versions of their apps with new features going forward.

Truly the best is yet to come.

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