Hello World, Codefixbug Is 2!!

Our gratitude goes out to our clients and customers worldwide for trusting us and each and every employee who is truly the invisible force behind this success.

Our sincere thanks to our clients for believing in our potential to successfully complete & deliver their projects. The said projects helped us simplify processes in diverse industries and grow our portfolio.

The two years journey has allowed us to see some of the remarkable shifts with respect to the company’s everyday ups & downs, which over a period of time lead to the growth, development, and success stories we share.

In two years we have been, able to work with various companies in sectors which include; Telecommunicationenergyoil & gaseCommercehealthcareeducationlogisticslegal and finally construction, for more information visit our website.

As we enter into our second year, the future of Codefixbug is full of excitement and improvements. And that is because of your continued support, which has allowed us to fix our mistakes and improve our service delivery.

We’ve spent the last year building our client’s products and services, increasing our team by hiring skilled professionals, learning new technology stacks and languages, and also building our own products and services so that we’ll be able to scale and improve our service delivery. Because of this, new products will be released in the near future that will help our existing and new clients simplify their processes.

What the Future Holds

Looking forward to future prospects, We believe in seeing many more great experiences, more expansion, growth, and excitement as we keep on working closely with various companies.

We will definitely be entering into, and adopting new technologies, markets, and products. We completely trust our team, We will continue working hard, and stay focused, as we carry on our trait of providing the customers maximum value and quality satisfaction. No doubt we will be facing challenges, but we equally believe in the strength of the team and the good tidyings the future holds.


As a startup located in Nigeria, the giant of Africa, we will always focus on our mission which is to provide services to global organizations using technology to solve challenges, which we believe should impact positively and create value for our clients, by converging technical excellence with great customer service to make our client’s business more profitable. We are here to help solve your problems, achieve your goals, and make your life easier which in turn makes businesses more flexible and employees work effortlessly.

Thank you for being an integral part of this journey our company has been on.

A Message from our CEO

Emmanuel E.A.
CEO of Codefixbug

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