Progressive web Apps and the Next Decade

Progressive web applications also known as PWA, are changing the way we interact with various web applications, all thanks to Service Workers which allows you to continue loading your web apps even when there’s no internet connection. Really amazing right?

As website designs and web development evolved over the years, a lot has changed from the early 90s till date, and with the rise of smartphones and mobile apps, designers and developers had always looked at ways of emulating mobile app designs on websites and web applications. even big tech companies are not left out, as the likes of Facebook, Google, Firefox, Twitter and AliExpress, and others, have been developing PWA technologies in their mobile and desktop browsers.

What are Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)?

Progressive Web apps (PWAs) is a term – first used in 2015 – to describe the combined use of modern technologies, design concepts, and Web APIs to provide an app-like experience on the mobile web. More importantly, they are device-agnostic, and run inside modern web browsers, with no need to first download anything from an app store.

Progressive web apps are apps that are developed using contemporary web technologies and capabilities. They provide a native app-like experience to their users. In simple language, these web apps are a hybrid of web pages (websites) and mobile applications.

Undoubtedly, these apps, which give you offline access, all thanks to Service Workers which is independent of the website and runs in the background, provide the absolute user experience to the app’s end users. This is the single purpose of organizations that are capable of reaching the ultimate target audience worldwide in the most accessible way possible.

Why you should consider PWAs

  • Contents are accessible offline
  • The user experience of a native app
  • SEO-friendly and Fast Website
  • Enhance customer engagement

Final Words

Progressive web apps cover every limitation of apps and websites; hence, they are perfectly considered as the future of app development. It’s important to remember that Progressive Web Apps work everywhere, they are not unique to Chrome for Android. PWA requires HTTPS.

More and more websites and applications are getting turned into PWAs making them the leader of web apps in contemporary times. At Codefixbug Limited, we are already building Progressive web apps for our clients because PWAs have a strong presence in the software industry market and pose to be a bright future for web apps.



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