Benefits and Challenges of Working Remotely as an IT Professional

While working remotely can be an extremely convenient advantage in a job that offers it, it could also pose serious challenges that could threaten your performance if left unchecked. Too many people venture into working remotely due to the allure of being able to work from home, or anywhere, really.

Benefits and Challenges of Working Remotely as an IT Professional

However, working remotely is a lot more complicated than simply carrying out your responsibilities from whichever location best suits you, and you could easily flop without adequate preparation. This article will take you through the benefits and challenges associated with working remotely, as well as tips to increase productivity, save time, and prevent burnout.



  1. Working remotely allows you the advantage of flexible working hours. You find that you can start and close work at your convenience. This is particularly useful if your productive hours do not align with the regular 9 am-5 pm that most people are required to be present at offices, if you must take care of children, or if you juggle your remote job with other equally tasking jobs and responsibilities.
  2. Working remotely also makes it possible for you to work from anywhere. This should come as no surprise, considering that this is exactly what it means to work remotely. However, when physical presence is not required for you to do your job, you realize that you can work in places in which you are most comfortable and inspired if you have access to the internet.
  3. There is no dress code for remote work. You can work in whatever you are most comfortable in, and whatever is best suited for your location while working.
  4. While working remotely, you might learn valuable skills such as time management, prioritization, effective teamwork across different states, and even countries, discipline, and many others.
  5. Working remotely would also save you money, as transportation fees to and from work would be eliminated.


After considering the various benefits associated with working remotely, you may be excited to rush into searching for a remote job position. However, considering the challenges it poses would help in deciding if a remote job is for you.

Benefits and Challenges of Working Remotely as an IT Professional



  1. If you are a social person who enjoys physical interactions with colleagues and teammates, working remotely would drastically reduce that, and thus you might have to contend with loneliness.
  2. There are endless distractions. Without anyone to physically check your progress, you might fall victim to procrastination and laziness. You may tend to forget important work tasks, postpone assignments, and fall short of deadlines. If you are easily distracted, working remotely could affect your work performance negatively, and you might end up with mediocre or poor results.
  3. Communication with teammates might be impaired by differences in time zones, cultural and language barriers, lack of intimacy and closeness, etc.
  4. Getting assistance when you encounter a problem working might be more difficult when you are working remotely.

After considering the pros and cons of remote work, we will also be considering how to deal with the challenges associated with remote work, as well as other helpful tips for managing time and projects remotely.


Benefits and Challenges of Working Remotely as an IT Professional



  1. Establish a routine and stick to it. Working remotely comes with plenty of distractions, including activities you might not have considered to be distractions. Establishing and sticking to a routine would ensure that you get your work done regardless of the many distractions you encounter.
  2. If you would be working from your home, set up a workspace and ensure that it is always organized and ready for use. Ensure that your workspace is somewhere your family members or housemates know not to disturb. That could be an effective way to cut down on disturbance while you work.
  3. It is easy to get distracted by mundane tasks during weekdays, and they could swallow up your time if you focus on them. Resist the urge to tackle every problem that comes up around the home, unless it is urgent. This way, you can redirect your focus to work.
  4. Resist the urge to check your social media. Freezing or restricting your access to certain social media apps will assist you in focusing more time on the task at hand and completing it.


In summary, working remotely can be incredibly convenient and fun, but it could also be hindered by distractions and a lack of discipline. Much effort is required for remote work, but it is very possible to excel at it, with dedication and hard work.



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