Building NairaBoom – An Alert Rollover Lottery Platform

We worked closely with MachinePush Nigeria Limited to create Nairaboom, an innovative online platform. Over 22 months, we dedicated ourselves to the meticulous process of designing, developing, and testing the platform. They obtained a license from the National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC), ensuring that Nairaboom is a safe and secure platform for users. In addition, we added new features to enhance the user experience and finally deployed Nairaboom to the production server for public use.

Nairaboom, previously known as 9jaCashBack, is a sophisticated version of its first iteration, which was its minimum viable product (MVP). In 2020, we partnered with the parent company to develop 9jaCashBack, which was officially launched in 2021. The parent company received valuable user feedback, which they used to refine and elevate the product to its current state. Nairaboom is now a cutting-edge platform that offers an exceptional user experience with numerous features and benefits.

9jaCashBack was a service that encouraged people to engage in electronic financial transactions by rewarding them with cashback, refunds, giveaways, and payouts. The service was an Electronic Transaction Request Back Service (ETRS), which made it possible for users to enjoy the benefits of an Alert Rollover Lottery. As users registered to use the platform, the parent company took the time to educate them about the product. This provided users with a better understanding of how the service worked and the benefits they could enjoy. The service proved its validity as many people eagerly tried it out, fascinated by the new possibilities it offered.

Moving Beyond the MVP

Agile methodology is a widely accepted approach to software development that emphasizes iterative and collaborative processes. It involves building a minimal viable product (MVP), which is then validated and iterated based on user feedback. This approach is highly effective for building products that meet the user’s needs and goals.

The parent company used the Agile methodology to create an MVP of their product. The MVP helped the company to understand the user’s interests and needs without fully developing the product. The MVP was to be a test version of the product that would help the team identify the key features that would be most useful to the users.

After the MVP was created, the team gathered feedback from their users. They analyzed the feedback and used it to make informed decisions about the next steps in the product development process. This feedback was critical in helping them to identify the features that would be most useful to their users and prioritize them for development.

As their technology partner, we were now tasked with even more responsibility of building their main product, implementing processes, and features, integrating third-party APIs, and finally building the Alert Rollover Lottery platform to follow global best practices. To ensure the success of the project, we followed a well-defined approach that involved carefully selecting the most appropriate frameworks and technologies. We conducted extensive research to identify the right tools and techniques that could help us achieve the desired outcome.

We also performed rigorous unit testing to ensure that the product was functioning as expected and that all features were working seamlessly. We were also highly focused on ensuring the security of the system. Our team of experts implemented several measures to safeguard the platform against potential vulnerabilities. This included the use of the latest encryption technologies, the implementation of multi-factor authentication, and the deployment of intrusion detection and prevention systems.

We sprang into action with great enthusiasm and creativity, as we set out to design the user interface for Nairaboom. After careful review and approval, we embarked on the development phase, which was an exhilarating and challenging experience. We worked closely with the parent company, its stakeholders, and regulators to ensure that Nairaboom met the highest standards of quality and functionality.

Our team’s dedication and hard work paid off as we continuously added new features and improved upon existing ones. Each completed feature was rigorously tested to ensure it met our client’s standards. We also built sophisticated systems that would allow the regulators to have a comprehensive overview of the platform and monitor it in line with regulatory commission guidelines. This was an essential component of our work, as Nairaboom is licensed and regulated by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC).

Throughout the development process, we experienced both intense pressure and great satisfaction, as we pushed ourselves to create an exceptional product. The result is a platform that we are immensely proud of, and we are confident that users will find Nairaboom to be a reliable, user-friendly, and enjoyable experience.

We delivered a scalable and user-friendly product that exceeded our client’s expectations. We were able to achieve this by combining our expertise with our client’s clear requirements and by incorporating feedback from their end-users. The result is a highly functional and intuitive platform that is now enabling our client to achieve their business goals and establish themselves in the lottery and gaming industry.

Building is Hard but Fun

Developing a state-of-the-art lottery platform is a complex process that requires a team of experienced professionals. While some players in the lottery space choose to go for off-the-shelf software, opting for a bespoke lottery software platform can greatly increase the odds of winning a lottery game. The lottery software platform employs sophisticated algorithms to generate a winning combination of symbols and numbers, which can significantly increase a player’s chances of winning a lottery jackpot.

To create such a platform, one needs to use a wide range of mathematical algorithms and data to accurately predict the winning numbers. This includes pattern recognition, statistical analysis, and machine learning to detect and analyze patterns in a lottery draw. The platform also needs to take into account the behavior of the players and how they interact with the game, as this can provide valuable insights into how to increase their chances of winning.

The journey of building Nairaboom was challenging yet rewarding, as we worked closely with the parent company to implement various features and strategies that would enhance the user experience. The parent company showed a high level of commitment to developing a successful and customer-centric product, which included conducting multiple product demos, managing high-quality feedback, and identifying growth opportunities. Over 14 months, several changes were made to the brand logo, UI/UX design, and some product pages, along with the addition of new features to help users, agents, super agents, influencers, and promoters manage their accounts more seamlessly. These efforts were aimed at ensuring that users understood the platform better, could onboard easily and remain engaged with the product.

During the development of Nairaboom, we faced some challenging times that required us to work as a team to overcome. We tackled intricate problems by collaborating and utilizing each team member’s strengths. We ensured that the parent company fully understood the issues we were facing by providing them with detailed explanations from both technical and non-technical perspectives.

We exchanged ideas and found innovative solutions to complex problems that arose during the development process. We also discovered simpler solutions to some of the more challenging issues. Despite the difficulties we faced, we maintained a high level of professionalism throughout the entire process. Although the hard times seemed to outweigh the fun times, we managed to navigate each obstacle professionally and skillfully. Our dedication and hard work paid off in the end, leading to a successful deployment and launch of Nairaboom.

What is Nairaboom?

Nairaboom is a duly licensed proprietary Alert Rollover Lottery that allows players to roll over and accumulate valid credit or debit alerts they receive for a chance to cash out the accumulated amount once any of the cashout modalities are met. Nairaboom has been tailored to be your surest path to breakthrough with up to 35,000,000 Naira instant cashout. It’s so easy to Win on Nairaboom. Just Rollover Your Alerts, Build Your Rollover Wallet, and Cashout.

The product is equipped with a multitude of features aimed at improving user experience. These features include the SpinWheel, which offers users a chance to win exciting prizes. Additionally, the 1 to 4 Green Balls Winning Modality allows users to win big by spinning the wheel. The Cashout keys Winning Modality is another feature that enables users to win by choosing a specific set of keys. The Fastest Fingers Winning Modality offers users a chance to win by being the first to complete a task. Furthermore, the product offers Promo Codes and Referral Codes to users for added convenience. Wallet implementation allows for seamless transactions, while Payout Automation ensures that users receive their earnings without delay. The product also offers Multiple Wallet Funding Options, Super Agent Portal, Agent Portal, Influencer Portal, Promoter Portal, NLRC Portal, Admin Portal, KYC, and Security Implementation, to further enhance the user experience.

How It Works

  1. Sign up or log in to your Nairaboom game profile anytime you get a valid credit or debit alert.
  2. Make your first wallet funding of ₦ 500 to receive ₦ 35,000 in your rollover wallet to start your rollover journey to breakthrough.
  3. Enter your alert details to rollover & accumulate every valid credit or debit alert you receive into your rollover wallet.
  4. Spin the rollover wheel and match the cashout keys or 3 Green balls to cash out your rollover wallet instantly.
  5. Match all 4 Green balls when you Spin To Cashout and Win The Jackpot!!!

After Deployment, What Next?

Developing a product is a complex process that involves a lot of hard work, dedication, and patience. It all starts with building an idea and transforming it into a tangible product. This includes designing, programming, and testing the product to ensure it fulfills user requirements and is free of bugs.

Once the product is ready, it’s time to deploy it and make it available for users. This step involves spending money, time, and effort to ensure the product is accessible and user-friendly. It’s important to ensure that the product is compatible with different devices and platforms and that it can handle a large number of users.

After the deployment, we must brace ourselves for the next phase, which involves providing technical support to users, handling issues that come with growth and scale, and continuously updating and upgrading the product to meet user expectations. This is a critical step that ensures the product’s success and growth.

Additionally, ensuring the product’s security is of utmost importance. Regular security checks and balances must be put in place to safeguard against any potential threats or vulnerabilities. Building and deploying a product is just the beginning of a long journey. The real work comes after the deployment, where we must continuously strive to improve and adapt to meet user needs and expectations.

We are extremely excited and elated to see the progress of the product, as it has been our focus since the beginning. Our team has a proven track record of building scalable products that are user-friendly and efficient for our clients. These products have been used by over 500,000 users and counting, which is a testament to our expertise and dedication.

We understand the potential of Nairaboom, and we are proud to have been entrusted by the parent company from day one to build the product from version 1 till now. Our team has worked tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of the product is well- and thoroughly tested to meet the needs of our clients and their users.

We continuously strive to improve the product and provide the best customer experience possible. Our focus on quality and user satisfaction has enabled us to build a strong relationship with the parent company, and we are confident that they will continue to trust us with their product development needs.

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